Life Coaching

“You can have courage or comfort, but you can’t have both” – Brene Brown

Hey, I’m Xena! 

I’m a life coach for Solo Women Travellers. 

Once upon a time I was a shy, scared & anxious girl. I held myself back, never put my hand up, never volunteered, never went first, never did ANYTHING on my own. 

I was “forced” into solo travel at age 18 when I received a promotion at work & was sent to Australia for 3 weeks of leadership training. I was SO afraid of going alone, of not knowing anyone, of what might happen, of being away from my boyfriend & my family. I did not want to go! … But I did.

When I look back now that was a turning point, not that I had any idea at the time!

A few years later I packed up all my stuff, rented my house out, booked a one way ticket & flew to the other side of the world to live in London… I hated London.

I was miserable, I put on a shit load of weight, I wanted to go home, I wished I had never left NZ, I thought I had made a HUGE mistake… I went & got a job, found a house with a friend, started making an effort, booked a couple of trips & pushed myself… And I “fell” into life coaching (by fell I mean the doctor recommended it to me when I went to ask for help!).

This was another turning point. LIFE CHANGING.

I started to learn about the power of our minds…

I learnt that I was responsible for all of my feelings, for all of my actions & for all the results I had in my life (the good, the bad & the ugly). At first I was pissed off to learn this – Sometimes I’d rather blame someone else! But I soon learned that thinking that way was only giving my power away…  I learnt that you can’t grow your life without growing yourself first.

So, I hired a coach & together we begun training my mind.

I moved back to New Zealand.

I attended life coach training in America. I became certified with Brooke Castillo & The Life Coach School.

I sold my house & all of my stuff. I took a 6 month solo trip through South & Central America.

I retuned to NZ. I said goodbye to my 9-5 job & went all in on my dreams to build a wildly successful online business & thriving community that supports & empowers Solo Women Travellers.

And today…

I am a strong independent women, who chooses courage over comfort.

I am learning that vulnerability is a sign of bravery, not weakness.

I am far from perfect but I am enough. 

And, I am on a mission to help as many women as possible to create this life for themselves.

If you want to explore what life coaching can do for you then CLICK HERE to schedule a 60 minute mini session with me.

Huge love, Xena xx

Check out what my clients have to say...

“After every session I felt clear and more confident about what I needed to do and how to do it. I also felt really encouraged, and I couldn’t wait to share my achievements in the next session during the week.

I feel like I am getting a chance to be in the drivers seat of my life! I am much better at conscientiously choosing what I want and what feelings I want to create/how I want to feel about the things in my life. Also I have a life, and identity that I value, outside of work.”

– Natasha Murachver, New Zealand

“I never thought I would invest in a life coach, but since I’ve met Xena I have quit smoking, started a side business, built my website and lost weight while travelling through Europe!

It’s incredible how she’s able to break down barriers, clear the clutter in my mind and put me on a path that has me excited to get out of bed every morning.

She’s such a warm, funny and loving person. Her life coaching has been life-changing! I couldn’t recommend her more!”

– Georgia Kirby, Australia